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We went on a 4-man guide trip today with Scott Willumson. He did a tremendous job, and we had a great day!
Attached is a photo of one of our party, New Yorker Jefferson Slinkard, standing with Scott holding a fish Jefferson caught – surely a near record! Scott estimated the fish’s weight as over 20 pounds. Fortunately for the fish, it was a wild specimen and was promptly returned to the Clearwater River.
Thanks to all, and especially to Scott!

I have known the Owner of the Guide Shop for it seems like forever. We go way back coming upon 40 years. These are good people. That is honest, organized, professional and proficient. Darn good folks who know what they are doing!!

As far as fishing goes, this organization is the best that I have ever experienced. The guides here are chosen carefully. The standards are high. The fishing in the Clearwater for Steelhead is just great. The steelies are huge and abundant.

I fish with a group that travels in here from Arkansas, Louisiana, Utah, and California where we get together each fall and have a great time fishing and just spending time together. For this year I have booked 20 spots. We have been doing this for years and every trip has been memorable and successful.

I recommend that you strongly consider booking at the Guide Shop in Orofino, Idaho.   It will be an experience that you won’t forget and one that you will likely repeat many times.

Gary L. Hopkins, MD, DrPH

Research Professor, Department of Behavioral Science

Director, Center for Prevention Research

Director, Center for Media Impact Research

Associate Director, Institute for Prevention of Addictions

Andrews University

Assistant Professor of Health Promotion and Education

School of Public Health

Loma Linda University

I've enjoyed ten years of memorable--simply FANTASTIC--fishing adventures with the Guide Shop. If you enjoy steelhead and salmon fishing, Evelyn's Guide Shop can't be beat. Very enthusiastic guides, as optimistic on the first cast as they are on the last, will engage both novice and seasoned fisherman alike and put you in the best position to catch world-class fish. Evelyn will organize your trip and make you feel at home during your stay. They're a great bunch of steelhead bums...with good bait.


Gordon Hicks

Montana City, MT

I have been fishing with Evelyn and the boys for about 8 yrs. Obviously, it’s a great experience!  Two years ago I brought my wife!  What a MISTAKE!!!  Now I can't get her to stay home during Salmon season!  Did I say it’s a Great Experience!  Sometimes we catch fish Too!!!

Helena, MT

I have been fishing with Evelyn and her crew at The Guide Shop and Clearwater Drifters for nearly two decades.  They are a first class group of folks. I never come away disappointed.  A day on the river with the Clearwater Drifters is always a day well spent. The guides are professionals’, master boatmen and real students of the waters and fishing.  Their knowledge of the Clearwater insures that regardless of river conditions you will have a productive and safe day on the river.  Whether we are fishing for the big two salt B run Steelhead or Chinook I always learn something and have a fun day.  I recommend The Guide Shop to all my friends and family.  

Mike Scott

Moscow, Idaho 

Bowlers to Veterans Link sponsors Steelhead fishing trip for Spokane Veterans

by Thomas M. Grieb, A.C.S.W.

Every year the Bowlers to Veterans Link (BVL) offer to donate funds to Vet Center recreational/rehabilitative activities across the nation. These funds are limited to projects that entail active participation by veterans and family members such as bowling, other team sporting events, fishing, camping, hiking, bicycling, wilderness challenge exercises and the like.

This year the Spokane Veterans Outreach Center was award a grant to take veterans on a two day fishing trip to Orofino, Idaho to fish for the most prized fish in the Great Northwest the “Steelhead.” These steelhead are a fresh water trout that have run the length of the Clearwater River down to the Snake River and then out to the Columbia River and finally out to the Pacific Ocean. They stay in the Pacific anywhere from one to four years and then return to their rivers, streams and creeks from which they came to spawn for the next generation. The cycle continues as it has for hundreds of years.

We took seven veterans and chartered, through “Clearwater Drifters & The Guide Shop” of Orofino, Idaho. The “Guide Shop” is managed and operated by Evelyn Kaide and Stephanie Sweener, a mother and daughter team. They are located at 14010, Highway 12, Post Office Box 1661, Orofino, Idaho 83544-1661, (208) 476-3531. Their web site is . When we arrived at “The Guide Shop” the staff and guides with snacks and smoked steelhead with crackers in hand greeted us warmly. Evelyn had arranged for us to stay in the ‘ole bunk house out back, which turned out to be a very spacious double wide manufactured home, complete with 5 bedrooms, laundry room, showers, kitchen, dining room and front room with TV and videos. As we learned about the process and what we could expect in the way of fishing the next couple of days, in-comes the staff with hot homemade Lasagna, salad and all the fixin’s, including homemade Cherry cheesecake, home canned peaches, and pears. Every meal was home cooked and fit for a king, or in this case a group of ‘ole Veterans. They really treated these men right. The staff stayed right with us to make sure everyone got enough to eat and felt right at home.

For the next two days they supplied two jet boats and one drift boat complete with skippers, guide, tackle, and bait. They supplied a packed lunch and as with all the meals they prepared for us there was more than enough food for everyone. We each had our chance to fish for the elusive Steelhead. It was an exciting experience for all. Our boat guides talked with us and gave us a history of the Clearwater River Valley as we fished throughout the day. Their expertise in fishing the river was demonstrated each time we hooked one of these monsters. They even showed what it meant to catch and long distance release these Clearwater beauties, a new experience for most of us. The weather for steelhead fishing was perfect. It was cold, rainy and windy. The skipper’s knew exactly when to leave, where to go, and how to catch these beautiful fish.

Most of the men stayed up late the first night talking and sharing their stories. However, the second night, after a full day of steelhead fishing in the cold and wind and a great hot meal of steaks, baked potatoes, salad, homemade apple crisp, home canned peaches, and pears, most everyone fell asleep about 2000.

Here are a few of the words that the veterans had to say about the trip:

  • “Words alone cannot express how much this Steelhead Fishing Trip meant to me. I want to thank the Bowlers to Veterans Link for their generosity in funding this trip. I want to thank the “Clearwater Drifters and the Guide Shop” for their services and their down home hospitality. All of the people involved were great and they were able to offer me the opportunity to feel good about being there and enjoy myself, something I would not normally do. Everything from the start to the finish was excellent. All the staff did a wonderful job from the accommodations to the guided steelhead fishing trips on the Clearwater River. The food was great, specially the apple cobbler. Thank you so very much for making this a wonderful first time Steelhead Fishing Experience for me. I hope it just the first of many more in my future. I think I will take my Son on a trip this spring.”
  • “Thanks to the Bowlers to Veterans Link and my connection with the Spokane Veterans Outreach Center for this outstanding opportunity. I enjoyed my first ever guided Steelhead Fishing Trip. The “Guide Shop & Clearwater Drifters” of Orofino, Idaho has young and dedicated men and women to bring the best experience out of a float trip in the Clearwater River. I caught my first Steelhead, a seven pounder, on the first day. What a thrill! The weather was unusually dry for December though we did get caught in a few wind and rainsqualls. I had a great time on the water and also talking with the other Vet’s in the brand new “bunk house.” The food was terrific and always more than we could eat. Again thanks to all who made this possible for me.”
  • “It all started with a phone call one evening asking if I wanted to go on a fishing trip. I like to fish and without thinking said yes right away. The voice on the other end said to me, ‘you don’t know who this is, do you?Well its Thomas from the Vet Center and I have set up a guided fishing trip to Orofino, Idaho with the “Clearwater Drifters and the Guide Shop” to fish the Clearwater River for Steelhead. Do you want to go?’ Of course, I said yes again. The weekend came and we traveled to Spokane to meet at the Veterans Outreach Center. We then headed south for our approximately three-hour drive to get to our destination. Threw the beautiful Palouse Mountains of eastern Washington past Pullman, the home of Washington State University Cougars, and east to Orofino up the Clearwater River. When we arrived we saw our sleeping quarters, not the bunkhouse one would think of with wooden floors but a cozy house with all the comforts of home. One of the many home cooked meals was ready and waiting to be served. I think I gained 10 pounds ‘cause it was really good cookin’. I thank the gals, Stephanie and Evelyn, who did such great work and hard effort to please us all and make us feel right at home. I really felt respected by these gals. Fishing started out a little cold with rain most of the morning. That did not dampen any spirits as we were off fishin’. I was tickled to see a first time fisherman catch a fourteen-pound steelhead. Thomas and his camera got all the fun. The guides on the boats were excellent, always on top of the stuff that needed to be done for our enjoyment. As always, many, many stories were told with great fun. The big one always gets away which was my case but a person never leaves empty handed for the outfitters gave each one of us a steelhead to take home and a fresh home canned jar of salmon. I want to express a very special thanks to all personnel of “Clearwater Drifters and the Guide Shop” in Orofino. I had a very special two days of fishing and will be back again. I also want to thank the “Bowlers to Veterans Link” that gave the grant to make this special fishing trip possible for all of us Vets. It was a wonderful relaxing time that left a smile on my face and my heart forever.”
  • “Hello from Dean Black. I just wanted everyone to know what a great time fishin’ I had in Orofino. Thank you goes to the “Bowlers to Veterans Link” and to the “Clearwater Drifters & the Guide Shop, our sponsors for this trip. I can’t remember when I have been so stuffed with home cooked food. Being with other Vets on this trip was a wonderful experience. I have never done it before and was a little afraid at first, but after I met everyone it was just like being back in the hooch with the guys. I had the time of my life. Thanks to everyone for caring so much about us Vets.”
  • “What can a guy say? I feel like someone really cares about me. When I answered my phone, the other end said, “Hey Sgt. Mike, do you want to go steelhead fishing?” The answer was not just yes, but H*** yes!” My counselor explained the details and I agreed to go. I love fishing and to get a free guided trip on the Clearwater River was thrilling. After about an hour or so the reality set in, someone how has nothing to gain actually cares about Vietnam Vets. After 35 years, the concept that someone actually cares is still hard to accept. People like the folks at “Bowlers to Veterans Link and Clearwater Drifters and the Guide Shop” that sponsored our trip, force me to take a look outside my Vietnam Vet closet. The two evenings in the bunkhouse with the other Vets were the best part of the trip. Everyone was very different yet there was a level of trust that is common among vets. When the lights went out and we all went to sleep the door to the bunkhouse was left unlocked and not secured. Both nights I slept sound and felt safe all night. The time spent on the Clearwater River fishing was great. The memories I have of the time spent with other Vets were a learning experience that I shall remember forever.”
  • “I was privileged to go on a steelhead fishing trip to the Clearwater River in Idaho, courtesy of the “Bowers to Veterans Link” and the “Clearwater Drifters and the Guide Shop” of Orofino, Idaho. I felt the trip was fun and it gave me a chance to relax and get to know other Vets. A few of us actually got to catch a fish or two. The highlight for me was to fish from a drift boat. Rob, our guide, did a great job at both handling the boat and getting us on fish. I was quite impressed by his professionalism. On the second day we went to the upper Clearwater River and had some mild whitewater experiences. That stands out more in my mind than catching the steelhead. With only the guide and one other Vet in the boat with me, due to limited space, I was able to talk about things that bothered me from the past and the effects they play on my life today. I felt it was good therapy as I was at ease on the river, doing something I love, and although there wasn’t any advice given, I was able to sort through some things a little better. The best advice I was given was from Mike, another Vet. I was worried and feeling guilty about not being at home and taking care of business. All he said was enjoy the trip, those problems aren’t going anywhere and I could take care of them when I get back. It helped to set the tone for the rest of the trip. I owe him big time for that advice.”

As you can see from the feedback above, these veterans really enjoyed this steelhead-fishing trip. The donation from “The Bowlers to Veterans Link” and the services from “Clearwater Drifters and the Guide Shop” made this possible for these men. We, at the Spokane Veterans Outreach Center, feel honored that our benefactors saw the need and were so able to contribute to this cause. 



Skywagons Fly-In an Orofino "First"

by Jo Moore


It was a thrilling sight to see twelve private airplanes lined up in tidy rows at the Orofino Airport , and all had arrived in anticipation of a great fishing adventure with Evelyn Kaide’s Guide Shop on Highway 12. The first batch of airplanes began arriving on

Tuesday, with the rest, coming in like a flock of geese, landing in turns all during the day on Wednesday. By that night they were all settled in local lodging, and were out on the river bright and early Thursday morning, with their specialty lunches packed by Evelyn and daughter, Stephanie. The first group limited out before noon, and Evelyn was busy hustling fish over to a local smoking facility, and the other boats stayed out most of the day, with everyone at least catching if not keeping their fish!

That evening the Guide Shop treated about twenty-five fishermen, wives, and guides to a barbeque dinner in the Helgeson Conference Room, put on by Country Catering. The group enjoyed hors d’oeuvres while they watched the Mariners baseball game (several of the guests were from Seattle!) and got to know each other during their dinner and the rest of the evening. The next day they were back at the Guide Shop, ready to go out with their guides for another fine day of fishing. The weather cooperated, even with a foggy start or two, the sun usually managed to make a show, and by Saturday a glorious afternoon was spent on the water.

That evening part of the group was seen at one of the local restaurants enjoying their last time together before heading out the next day for home. We greeted them at their table, and all remarked that they had already made this at least an annual, if not a semi-annual event, and the hospitality they had enjoyed with the Guide Shop as their hosts had been top-notch. Their dinner on Thursday, they added, was a highlight of their visit to Orofino.

This group of twelve planes is part of a club called the "Skywagons" and they wouldn’t have been here but for a fortuitous call made to Evelyn Kaide last year by a pilot stranded in Lewiston waiting out a storm. This pilot, Reagan Stone, of New Mexico, called the Guide Shop, explaining that he was stranded, and was there a possibility that he could go fishing while waiting. So Evelyn drove to Lewiston, picked Reagan up, and brought him back for a day on the river. He was so happy with the trip that he said he would return and bring others with him. And this is just what he did. He organized this first trip, and has promised that there will be more. The Skywagoneers who accepted his first invitation and came last week hail from Arizona, California, and Seattle, Washington. Regan himself is from Santa Fe, New Mexico.


I’d just like to add: "Thanks for coming. Hope to see you again!"