What We Fish For

The Clearwater river boasts some of the finest Steelhead and Salmon fishing that Idaho has to offer.


Steelhead spend 1-3 years in the Pacific Ocean and can grow over 40 inches in length and occasionally surpass 20 pounds.  They travel 500 miles and climb 8 dams on their way to the Orofino area.  The Clearwater River is known for the famous "B" run Steelhead which average between 12-14 pounds.  Strong runs have been the norm for over a decade and multiple hook up days are common.

Spring Chinook Salmon

Spring Chinook or "springers" as they are commonly called, spend 1-3 years in the Pacific Ocean and can reach weights over 30 pounds.  They also travel 500 miles and climb 8 dams to return to the Orofino area.  Springers are some of the most sought after fish that travel the rivers of the Pacific Northwest, the flesh is bright red and utterly delicious.  Weather during salmon season can range from cool and wet to brilliant sunshine and temps in the 80's.  When you combine fish that average 12 pound and are a delight on the dinner table, with nice weather and a chance at an outsized hog, salmon fishing becomes a no brainer!


These fish are all found in the Dworshak Reservoir.  Stretching over 54 miles from the dam to the headwaters, the reservoir offers more than fishing.  It offers a variety of family activities such as swimming, waterskiing, boating, hiking, camping and watching wildlife .  The reservior has been listed in the top 100 Lakes for smallmouth fishing by a national magazine, and the current state record smallmouth was caught in Dworshak.

How we fish

We flyfish both single and double handed rods, with both swung flys and nymphs being employeed.  We fish primarily out of the boat, however wading is always an option.  

We also fish conventional tackle both spinning and casting gear.  Deployed from a drift or powerboat depending on anglers choice, or river conditions.